What is the PGL?
Golf League
is the future of Golf.


The PGL is a professional golf league and not a professional golf tour like the PGA.


The PGL is teams going against teams, just like the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

The PGL will have conferences and divisions just like the NFL and MLB.

The PGL will have a regular season, playoffs, and a championship game.

The PGL will include alternate shot match play, four ball match play, and Scramble.

The PGL is not an individual competition like the PGA, it is a team sport with coaches.

The PGL is a league that will help grow the game of golf.

The PGL will be representing communities, cities, and states unlike the PGA.

The Professional Golf League is structured to support 48 teams.
These teams will be located in the 48 most populated areas in the US.
These teams will have 10 golf pros with 7 of them competing each week.

The Professional Golf League season is 26 weeks long and starts in May 2021. The regular season is 22 weeks, playoffs 3 weeks, and All-Star game 1 week.

The games will last about 3 hours on Friday and 3 hours on Saturday.
The games include Alternate Shot, Four Ball, and Scramble.




The Pros will be spending tons of time promoting the league and the game of golf. They will be visiting schools, recreation centers, senior citizens facilities, and more.


The Pros will be providing golf lessons, clinics, camps, and many other activities.

The Pros will be involved in their communities more than any other sports team. They will be reaching an untouched group of future golfers and fans.






Note: Golf is the only major sport that does not have professional teams across the

US competing against each other.   The Professional Golf League fixes this problem.

Special Note: It is hard for a sport to grow and get more popular when there is no local

teams to watch, support, and root for.  The Professional Golf League fixes this problem.


The PGL will make golf more exciting and popular than ever before.

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The PGL is the future of Golf.

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