The PGL Golf Pros
So, where will the PGL Pros come from?

This was one of the

most asked question during our research.

And the answer is simpler than most people realized.

The Professional Golf League Pros will come from…

  • The PGA Tour

  • The LPGA Tour

  • The Champions Tour

  • The Korn Ferry Tour & other Mini Tours




The Professional Golf League Pros will also come from...

  • The Golf Course Pros

  • The Golf Store Pros

  • And even some Awesome Amateurs




PGA Tour Pros

There will be some PGA tour pros wanting to make the switch to the PGL. The PGA tour life is not good for marriages or families. A one day a week husband and father just doesn’t cut it. Missed anniversaries, birthdays, kids first step, and just about everything else is the norm for PGA pros. It is missed time they never get back.

Plus making money on the PGA tour is not guaranteed but the expenses are. Making money on the PGL team is guaranteed and there are no expenses. Less than 150 Americans made six figures playing on the PGA tour in 2016. The PGL will produce more six figure income American golfers than the PGA.

Bottom line: the PGA Tour consumes your whole life and leaves no time for family and friends. The PGL allows the players to balance golf with family and friends.

The PGL offers pro golfers a much better and more stable lifestyle than the PGA. And that is why some PGA players will try to make it onto one of the PGL teams.

LPGA Tour Pros

There will be some ladies who will prefer to play competive golf locally where they can spend more time with their family and friends. There will be many ladies that can make more money playing in the PGL than they are making on the LPGA Tour.

The Champions Tour

The Professional Golf League will be a fun and exciting opportunity for those that have had enough traveling and all day, four day events. This will be fun for those just looking to continue playing professional competitive golf. To wind down your golf career playing on a team and representing your community just doesn't get any better.

Korn Ferry Tour & other Mini Tour Pros

These guys have some of the toughest lives pro golf has to offer. Most of these pros are broke and are looking for people to support them. They travel extensively and average about $75,000 a year in expenses. Most of them never make enough money to cover their expenses. But they keep going because they want to play competitive golf and not have to work at a golf store or golf course. These guys would jump off the mini tour path and play on a PGL team in a heartbeat.

There are thousands of golfers on the mini tours.

We could get the 10 pro golfer slots on the 48 teams filled with mini tour pros and not even make a dent in the amount of pro players fighting for an opportunity to make a living playing professional golf.

Club and Store Pros

This one is a no-brainer.
Just about every golf course pro and store pro will be trying out for a slot on a team.

Average annual salary for a club or store golf pro is $45,000.
Average annual salary for a PGL team member should be $150,000.

These pros really want to be playing competitive golf. They could triple their salary and play competitive golf without all the expenses.

The club pro at my local golf course is amazing. He could absolutely play on the PGA tour. When I asked him if he would ever play with the big guys on the tour he said, “absolutely no way.” He is married with children and his family takes first priority. But he did say that he would absolutely play on a Professional Golf League team.


There are thousands of amateurs out there that play under par rounds all the time.
I actually know a couple of them.

They work real jobs to pay their bills and take care of the family. They would quit their current job immediately and join the local PGL team. They would be making more money than their current job and they would be doing their favorite thing for a living.
They would be happier and not have to sacrifice their family.

The PGL will be one of the greatest things ever for those amateurs that are good enough to make the team. And once again, there are some incredible amateurs out there that can go head-to-head against just about any pro.

Note: 9,877 people signed up to try and make the 2016 US Golf Open.

The point: There are plenty of great golfers out there looking for a great opportunity.

Something to think about
Fans support college football.
College football is a billion dollar business.
College football players are not the best players.
Less than 1% of college players go on to have a successful pro career.

College football is a billion dollar business because it is a team sport in the local community, not because they have the best players. The point, even if the PGL doesn’t have the best golfer in the world, they will have enough of the top players to pull in the fan base. The PGL will definitely have more top players than the 1% that the very successful college football teams have. And, just like college football, the PGL teams are in the community where the fans live. Plus, the PGL teams will interact with the communities more than the local college teams.


Special Note: Golf club pros, golf store pros, mini tour pros and amateurs pay to play in tournaments just about every weekend possible because they love playing the game and going against others. To be able to do this full time and get paid to do it instead of paying to do it is an absolute dream come true.

Bottom Line: The quality of the players on the PGL Teams will not be a problem. Some of the best golfers in the nation will be on the teams. The fans will love their local pros that actually live among them.

Here is a fun thought (that is what the PGL is all about, FUN).
Have an annual tournament that has the PGL pros taking on the PGA pros.
How much fun would that be?

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