Why We Need the PGL
The game of golf has an identity crisis.

Golf is in a major decline and has been for over a decade.

Here are just a few examples of the decline...

Dick's Sporting Goods laid off about 500 golf pros in 2014. Dick's is the largest sporting goods store in the US.

Nike has officially pulled out of the golf equipment manufactoring business.

Each year more golf courses have been closing than new ones opening.

The National Golf Foundation, STA, and others have been tracking this decline.


Golf has always been played and watched by an exclusive group.
There is a huge population base that the game of golf has not touched.
The Professional Golf League will fix this problem and take golf to everyone.

The PGA Tour is four day, all day tournaments with the same players competing against each other in the same format every week. Most fans only watch portions of the last couple of days. Golf needs to offer something that the fans can get more excited about without sacrificing their whole week or even their whole day.
The Professional Golf League fixes this problem.

Golf is the only major sport that does not have professional teams across the US

competing against each other. It is hard for a sport to stay healthy and grow when

you don't have local teams for the fans and communities to support.

The Professional Golf League fixes this problem.

The popularity of golf goes up and down like a roller coaster. The health of the sport is dependent on having a superstar in place. When Jack Nicklaus was in his prime, the game of golf experienced major growth. As Jack got older and started to fade, so did the popularity of golf. Then came Tiger Woods, and golf took off again. And now, as Tiger fades, the popularity of golf is following.


When a sport’s health, growth, and survival are based on having a superstar in place at all times, and then something has to change. This is a problem that the Professional Golf League will fix. The PGL fans will be watching and rooting for their local teams and not just some individuals representing themselves.


With the Professional Golf League in place, golf’s health and future will no longer depend on the Jack or Tiger that comes along every other decade.




Golf Needs A Shot Of Excitement

The average golf fan has trouble watching four-day, all day tournaments with the same players going against each other week after week. Only a few high profile tournaments generate enough excitement for the average fan to be willing to spend the entire day watching.


The Professional Golf League will make golf more exciting and worth watching. The PGL will have different teams playing against each other each week. The PGL game is less than two half days, and the games include four ball match play, scramble, and alternate shot.


The PGL will no doubt be more fun and exciting to watch than the PGA.
The PGL will have local teams to root for. Plus, attendance to the team’s home games is free and the games should be less than 3 hours long. The local pros will be sponsoring special events at the end of the games.

Research & Data Shows That We NEED The PGL

Golf pros, golf amateurs, golf hackers, non golfers, kids, adults, senior citizens, and everybody else from coast to coast were questioned about having a professional golf league.
Everybody was surprised that a league wasn’t already in place and welcomed the idea of having a local team to root for. They also loved the idea of having golf lessons, clinics and events provided by the local team pros.

The results of over 10 years of research was very positive and left us with just one conclusion –

we absolutely need to move forward and make such a league happen.

All the P/L numbers looked incredibly strong.

Unlike Most Sports, Just About Anybody Can Play Golf.


Golf is one of the few sports that just about anybody can play. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 60. People of all sizes, shapes, color, and age can play golf. And the world of golf needs to take better advantage of this by getting more diverse groups of people involved.


This is worth repeating. Unlike football, basketball, and most major sports, golf can be played at just about any age regardless of a person’s size or gender.


A major portion of the PGL Constitution & Bylaws is geared towards growing the game of golf by working with individuals from all walks of life. The PGL players will be hosting special events at schools, parks, retirement homes, and many other places teaching and promoting golf.

Important Note:
Once again, it is hard for a sport to grow and get more popular when the sport doesn’t have local teams for the fans to support and root for. The PGL fixes this problem.

The PGL will be the biggest thing to happen in US sports in decades

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The PGL is the future of Golf.

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