The PGL Competition

Reason 4.  Strategy

PGA: The golfers are all individuals with no team strategy.

PGL: The coach better know who the competition is and how to beat them.

Sport fans and just about everybody else love to root for their home team.
The majority of the people get more excited about supporting their local team than just some individual from who knows where. For example: the millions of college fans buying all the tickets and selling out the games aren’t all graduates from the college. The majority of the college fans are actually local people supporting their local team. The Sports Business Daily poll, the Harris Poll, and all other polls have proven that team sports are much more popular than sports focused on individuals competing against each other. One of the most loved and watched pro golf tournaments is the Ryder Cup. We see more enthusiastic and emotional golfers in the Ryder Cup than any other tour event. And of course the Ryder Cup is a team event. It is the United States going against the Europeans.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

With the PGA it is pretty much the same thing each week. You see the same individuals playing 18 holes together for 4 days. The Professional Golf League takes the game of golf to a whole new level and blows away even the Ryder Cup format. With the PGL you will see your team going against different teams each week. Not the same players going against each other week after week. With the PGL you will see Four Ball, Scramble, and Alternate Shot Match Play. The PGL will be changing the way people look at golf. The PGL will help the sport of golf become more popular than ever before.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

The majority of the PGA players have become a little more conservative and aren’t willing to take that big gamble shot. You can’t blame them - the difference between one or two strokes is thousands of dollars, plus it could crush their FedEx Cup standings. With the PGL it is about the team, not the individual. It is a win or lose situation. There is no second place, third place, or multiple place payouts. Winners get paid and the losers don’t. So, the PGL players have to take risk and go for the win and not just some top finish. With Four-ball Match play and 3-Player Best Ball you will absolutely see some fun and aggressive shots going for the lowest score possible. The PGL will be much more exciting to watch.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

Yes, all golfers will have the strategy to get the lowest score possible. They will all have the strategy of checking out the course and figuring out the best way to tackle it. But with the PGL there is much more strategy involved. Who is going to go against whom in the Scramble Matches? Who are you going to team up in the Four-Ball Matches, and who is going to be your 3 players in the Alternate Shot Match? Bad decisions by the head coaches can, and usually will, be the difference between winning and losing. No doubt, there will be a lot more strategy in the PGL team competition than with the PGA individuals competing. Team sports with coaches making the decisions are always more fun and entertaining than individual sports?


Advantage: Professional Golf League

There are very few super stars in the PGA for fans to support and that is why the popularity of golf goes up and down like a roller coaster. You just don’t get that many special people like Arnold, Jack and Tiger. What a terrible thing to depend on for the health and growth of your sport. With the PGL, the pros on the local teams will be the super stars. The PGL pros will be giving golf lessons, hosting golf academies, visiting local schools, and doing much more, instantly making them the ones that fans want to watch and root for. Having teams in the cities is how you grow the sport and get instant super stars.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

The time it takes to get through a PGA tournament is also being blamed for the current decline problem. The experts are finding out that most fans don’t want to sit there for hours and hours and waist a whole day watching an event. The Professional Golf League fixes this problem by using a 9-hole match play format. Plus, there will only be 14 pros playing in a game compared to the 100 plus playing in the PGA tournament. With the PGL you can watch your team play from 9:00 to 12:00 and have the whole day ahead of you. The fan can even stay around after the game and enjoy special activities provided by the golf pros.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

The fans love to see their local pros at restaurants, stores, church, and throughout the community. With the PGL half of the games are at home, so the fans can go, watch, and enjoy. The PGA players are out of town over 85% of their time during the golf season. Plus they don’t really represent the community. The PGL players are in town over 97% of their time during the golf season and they do represent the community. The PGL pros will be more involved in their communities than any other pros from any other sport. The Professional Golf League Constitution & Bylaws states that the PGL golf pros need to host at least 100 events per year in their local communities. This includes sponsoring events at schools, parks, retirement homes and all the other places throughout the community.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

The Die-hard golfers will always watch the PGA tour players but being die-hard golf fans they will also watch the Professional Golf League golfers. They won’t be able to resist. Plus, now they actually have a local team to root for and go see play for free.


There will be many people who never followed golf that will change their ways when they have a local team to root for. There will be many new golf fans as the local pros visit the schools, parks, and other places in the community. The PGL pros will be growing the sport by being in the communities. This is something the PGA pros don’t have the time to do. They are always on the road and have no extra time.


Advantage: Professional Golf League

The family can go watch their local pros play and then go to lunch together afterwards. Or they can stick around and attend a lesson offered by a couple of the pros after the game ends. Families can attend golf academies together that are offered by the local pros. Families can take golf lessons together that are offered by their local pros. Families will have all kinds of opportunities to do things with their local PGL team. The PGL family events will be something never seen by any other professional sports team. And the golf game attendance is free, making it a perfect family outing event. Attending a local golf game is cheaper than a movie or just about any other family activity. This will give the youngsters something to do during the summer.

Advantage: Professional Golf League

The weekly event is quite different between the Professional Golf League and the PGA. Each week the Professional Golf League has games going on at multiple locations throughout the US. The PGA has just 1 event in one location. Each week the PGL offers the fans a much better chance at watching pro golf live.

There is no cost to attend the Professional Golf League games.
To attend the PGA tournaments is very expensive.

The Professional Golf League will have many different activities for those that attend the games. The games are only a few hours long so there is plenty of time for the pros and fans to interact. The PGA events are all day with no pro – fan interaction type of events.

Advantage: Professional Golf League

Reason 1.  Individual Sports vs Team Sports

PGA: Individuals going against Individuals representing themselves.

PGL: Teams going against other Teams representing their community and city.

Reason 2.  Same Old Thing vs New & Exciting

PGA: Same golfers going against each other in the same format each week.

PGL: Match Play Singles, Match Play Four-ball, 3 Player Best Ball, and your favorite city competing against different cities each week.

Reason 3.  Conservative vs Aggressive

PGA: Total score so each shot counts. You can’t get crazy and take a lot of risk.

PGL: Match play with different formats. You need to get crazy and take risk.

What competition will the Professional
Golf League

The Professional Golf League will be entering a multi-billion dollar industry with no real competition.

There is no professional golf league in the US. The closest thing to competition will be the PGA.

Let's take a look at the two and compare them.

So, the first question you might ask is…
Can the Professional Golf League really exist with the PGA already in place?


Not only can the Professional Golf League exist, but the PGL will be more popular in the US than the PGA within the next few years.

Here are the Top 10 common sense reasons why the Professional Golf League will be more popular in the US than the PGA.




Reason 5. Super Stars

PGA: There are very few super stars for the fans to root for.

PGL: There will be hundreds of local stars among the cities.

Reason 6.  Time

PGA: Weekly tournaments that take 4 full days.

PGL: Weekly games that take less than 2 half days.

Reason 7.  City, State & Community

PGA: These pros don’t represent cities, they just represent themselves.

PGL: These pros live, eat, and play in the local communities.

Reason 8.  The Fan Base

PGA: Die-hard golfers will always watch these pros.

PGL: More than just die-hard golfers will watch these pros.

Reason 9.  Family Events

PGA: For the most part the PGA has very little to do with families.

PGL: Families can and should be a big part of the Professional Golf League.

Reason 10.  Locations, Price & Activities

PGA:  Weekly event at 1 location, must pay to attend, and no fan activities.

PGL: Weekly event at multiple locations, free to attend with fan activities.

Reason 5. Super Stars

PGA: There are very few super stars for the fans to root for.

PGL: There will be hundreds of local stars among the cities.

Reason 4. Strategy

PGA: The golfers are all individuals with no team strategy.

PGL: The coach better know who the competition is and how to beat them.

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