The Professional Golf League is looking for

Team Owners with the following three characteristics:

The Professional Golf League wants team owners that love golf, love making great investments, and love helping out those in need.

There are only 48 teams available, so this business opportunity is very limited.

Why Own a Professional Golf League Team?


The original purchase price will be less than $500,000

After all 48 teams are sold,
the minimum price for a team will be $3,000,000

After the 1st season is complete no team can be sold for less than $5,000,000

After the 2nd season is complete no team can be sold for less than $10,000,000

After the 3rd season is complete no team can be sold for less than $15,000,000


This is written in the PGL Bylaws to protect the team owners and league.

The PGL is Golfs Future

Something to think about


NFL average team price $2.5 billion

MLB average team price $1.5 billion

NBA average team price $1.3 billion

NHL average team price $517 million

PGL average team price $399 thousand

The cost to purchase a PGL team is less than 1% of a NHL team.

The price of a PGL team should catch up with the NHL price.

Even if the value of the PGL team only reaches 50% of the NHL team, that is still $250,000,000. Please remember, the PGL pros will be visiting schools and other places promoting the league. Please remember, the PGL pros will be involved in golf lessons, camps and many other activities. Please remember, the PGL pros will be more involved in their commuinities than any other sport.


Some additional reasons to own a team



This is a brand new business opportunity in a multi-billion dollar industry.


This is a business opportunity that has never been available before but should have been in place decades ago. Don't miss this unique fun to own sports business opportunity.


This is a business opportunity that should return a healthy profit its very first year.

The customer base for this business has been in place for a long time.

This is a business opportunity that offers an unlimited income.

The Team Owners should enjoy watching their profits grow year after year.


This business opportunity will bring new life and new fans into an old sport.

In just a few years the Professional Golf League will be bigger in the US than the PGA.

This is an opportunity to be involved in the biggest thing to happen in sports in decades.

This is an opportunity to own a team in a league that is going to change golf forever.

This is an opportunity to help grow the game of golf and stop the current decline.

This is an opportunity to create new and never been done before jobs in the golf world.

This is an opportunity to bring something new into the communities, cities and states.

This business opportunity reaches people of all sizes, shapes, color, gender and ages. The team golf pros will be working with the kids, teenagers, senior citizens, and all the people in the communities. The golf pros will be providing lessons, camps, fundraisers, and many other activities promoting the game and getting a diverse group of people involved. In other words, the customer base is just about everybody.

Business opportunities like this are very rare and just don’t come along that often.

When was the last time you had a chance to own a professional sports team?

Golf is the only major sport without teams and team owners located throughout the US. This is the chance to be a professional sports team owner. This is a chance to have your very own team that competes against other teams across the US. This is your chance to build a professional team, make the playoffs and win some championships.

Don’t miss this opportunity and end up kicking yourself when all of a sudden the teams are worth 100% more than they were purchased for and the Professional Golf League is more popular than the PGA, NHL, and is quickly catching up with the NBA and MLB.

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The PGL is the future of Golf.

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